Shout Out

Writer: Debi Blizard

She’s a brand strategist, world traveler and mama-to-be. The outdoors is her happy place and she’s most likely pedaling a bike, paddling a canoe or hiking a mountain somewhere. Find her at

Photographer: James Song

He’s a finance dude by day and a photographer by nite and wknds. You can either find him at B+H browsing for his next wishlist item or at Central Park testing out his flash. Follow him on Instagram @JSongPhotography.

Web Developer: Ryan Miller

He’s a digital strategist, discerning coffee drinker, and friend to every dog. He calls Brooklyn home, but California is always tempting him with that sunny weather. Find him at

Manager: Annie Mun

She is the mama to my two fave littles – L’il E and Mini E (AKA LCT interns). She is a teacher by training, boba connoisseur by habit, and admin by passion.