Custom Toppers

Every (wooden) person is different and unique. So before you get started, ask yourself: what makes this person SO them? Design is in the details and small things like hairline, ear shape and eye placement make a big difference in ensuring your cake toppers are two-of-a-kind. After all, wedding toppers donʼt have to be a gown and tux, thereʼs a whole world of outfits, accessories and expressions to choose from!


Fill out the form below for one topper and then click “Add to Cart”. If you would like more than one topper, fill out the form again for the next character. When you’re done adding toppers to your cart, click here.


We have two toppers. Our Cake Topper costs $150 per topper and our Cupcake Topper is $120 per topper.

We have bulk discounts when you purchase multiple toppers in the same order.

2 – 3 toppers     =    5% discount
4 – 6 toppers     =   10% discount
7+ toppers          =   15% discount